Current Exhibitions

John Baldessari – The Space Between – Los Angeles

John Baldessari
The Space Between
June 12–September 11, 2021
Los Angeles

The exhibition presents John Baldessari’s final series of thirty paintings, The Space Between (2019), that demonstrate the artist’s characteristic combining of text and image. Through spatial overlays and excisions, the works at once deflect and direct our attention, while also betraying the processes by which we encode and decode the world around us. Simultaneously banal, surprising and poignant, Baldessari’s last works beautifully encapsulate the thrust of his artistic project as a whole: to explore the amorphous spaces between things, people and ideas.

Robert Elfgen – Higgs-Boson – Berlin

Robert Elfgen
April 28–July 3, 2021

Sprüth Magers is delighted to present the solo exhibition Higgs-Boson by Robert Elfgen featuring new paintings at Sprüth Magers Window. The exhibition’s title alludes to the elementary particle Higgs-Boson, also called “the God particle,” which is highly complicated to detect: it is always there but only visible under certain constellations for a fleeting moment. In his new paintings, Elfgen refers to this phenomenon by challenging the idea of what is invisible in the visible.

Gilbert & George – THE PARADISICAL PICTURES – Berlin

Gilbert & George
April 28–August 25, 2021

The show presents a selection of 25 works from Gilbert & George’s THE PARADISICAL PICTURES series portraying a psychedelic and fantastical world beyond the streets of the artists’ London studio. Completed in 2019 before the current pandemic their studies of the relationship between man and the natural world have today acquired a new and urgent resonance. Gilbert & George present a vision of paradise which is ultimately transcendental, an ominous depiction of how we place ourselves in the modern world yet also how we may change for the better.

George Condo – Linear Expression – Berlin

George Condo
Linear Expression
April 28–August 25, 2021

Linear Expression, George Condo’s first solo exhibition at the Berlin gallery in over eight years, presents new works on canvas and paper. The artist’s compositions are well known for their intricate renderings of faces and figures, made possible by his virtuosic use of line, color and volume. Often begun using quick, linear gestures, then overlaid with rich tones and brushwork, Condo’s imaginary portraits invoke the kaleidoscopic range of human emotion. In this new body of work, abstracted characters hold space together but rarely connect through eye contact or touch—a reflection, perhaps, of the past year of uncertainty and distance. At times tender, at times violent, Condo’s new works illustrate his long-standing pursuit to capture the complex and often contradictory nature of human life.