Cao Fei
O futuro não é um sonho
Pinacoteca de São Paulo, São Paulo
Through April 14, 2024

Cao Fei: o futuro não é um sonho is the Chinese artist's first solo show in Latin America and presents four groups of works with themes that analyze how the rapid societal changes of the 21st century, fueled by the intensive use of technologies, has been affecting subjectivity and human experiences.

The overarching themes of the exhibition are: “Manufacturing and globalization”, “The past and present of the virtual world”, “Memories of socialism and sci-fi” and “Urbanization and dystopia”, with the objective to introduce Cao's practice to the Brazilian public with a range of works spanning the past 20 years of her career.


Hanne Darboven
Hanne Darboven – Writing Time
Menil Drawing Institute, Houston
Through February 11, 2024

The exhibition at the Menil explores three defining motifs of Hanne Darboven’s work on paper – abstract drawings, date calculations, and monumental installations. The display culminates with Inventions that Have Changed Our World, 1996, an enormous set of over 1300 individually framed sheets that incorporates all the hallmarks of her practice and how they reverberated and evolved over the decades of her life.


Thea Djordjadze
the ceiling of a courtyard
WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels
Through January 7, 2024

Thea Djordjadze creates a new body of work, examining and challenging not only the formal and material qualities of the post-industrial architecture of the WIELS building, but also its institutional context. This is a continuation of her interest in display, in presentation devices such as frames and vitrines – which often feature as integral elements of her work – or, more broadly, in the conditions for visibility.


Gilbert & George
The Gilbert & George Centre, London

Opening this spring, The Gilbert & George Centre will provide a permanent home for an unrivalled artistic legacy and will be a place for visitors to convene from across the globe to experience pictures by Gilbert & George. The inaugural exhibition will be THE PARADISICAL PICTURES, exhibited in London for the first time, following their debut presentation Sprüth Magers, Los Angeles, and subsequent presentation at Sprüth Magers, Berlin. Gilbert & George commented: “We will start with THE PARADISICAL PICTURES because we realise that most people think of paradise as ‘the after party’ and we think of this as the pre-cum party.”


Andreas Gursky
Visual Spaces of Today
MAST, Bologna
Through January 7, 2024

Drawing inspiration from the acronym MAST—which stands for Manifattura di Arti, Sperimentazione, Tecnologia (Arts, Experience and Technology), the visual spaces in the works selected for the exhibition by Urs Stahel and Andreas Gursky mirror these thematic worlds. The artist’s powerful images disclose new views on work, the economy, and globalization. They reveal concrete visions of production plants, goods handling centres, temples of consumption, transport hubs, energy and food industries, and financial centres across the world.

Included in the exhibition are 40 images by the artist, dating from his early works (Krefeld, Hühner, 1989) to his more recent production (V&R II and V&R III, 2022), travelling great lengths, from Salerno (1990) to Hong Kong (2020), and combining modern tourism industry (Rimini, 2003) with age-old production processes (Salinas, 2021).


Astrid Klein
between silent lines
Through January 20, 2024

Opening: Sunday, November 12, 2023, 11am
with an introduction by Prof. Dr. Stephan Berg

Astrid Klein's solo exhibition between silent lines at Fuhrwerkswaage, Cologne merges and presents central themes of her artistic work in a way that is both sensual and conceptual: the relationship between image and text, the principle of collage, the critical reflection on the depiction of women, and the creation of visual worlds that do not only inhabit but also redefine space. For the first time in an institutional context, paintings from her so-called Bulb series are exhibited, along with neon sculptures and a large-format rug—all media that have been essential components of the artist's multifaceted oeuvre since the 1990s and early 2000s. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with a text by Stephan Berg, director of the Kunstmuseum Bonn.

Site specific Installation

Barbara Kruger
ART WALL 13 – Barbara Kruger
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
Through January 28, 2024

For more than 40 years, Barbara Kruger has been a consistent, critical observer of contemporary culture. In the early 1980s, Kruger perfected a signature style of words and images extracted from mass media and recomposed into memorable, graphic artworks. Rigorously composed, her works have occupied a range of media and spaces, including walls, billboards, video projections, and an array of consumer products. Since the 1990s, Kruger has also created large-scale installations of her text-based art, transforming lobbies, elevators, and buildings with her signature aesthetic and pointed content. Continuing in this vein, Kruger will create a brand-new work for the ICA that speaks, as her work has done for more than four decades, to contemporary social and political dynamics.


David Lamelas
I Have to Think About It. Part II
Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare, Bolzano
Through February 24, 2024

The Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare presents I Have to Think About It, the first Italian retrospective exhibition of the Argentinean artist David Lamelas. Since the 1960s, Lamelas’ conceptual practice has ranged from installation to sculpture, drawing, photography, film, video, sound and textual works, addressing the defining contexts and conditions of our perception. This is the second part of the exhibition, the first of which opened in May 2023, and features a new configuration of works.


Reinhard Mucha
Schnee von gestern / Snows of Yesteryear
Mucha im Livestream 1964–1975
Edited by Sprüth Magers in cooperation with Galerie Bärbel Grässlin, Luhring Augustine, Lia Rumma
Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König, Cologne, March 23, 2023

The artist book comprises in two volumes the 433 individual pages of the work Snows of Yesteryear – Excerpts from the Big Calendar III, [2020] 1964–1975. It is a strongly autobiographical work that – installed as an image frieze – traces in documents, drawings, and photographs Mucha's path from 1964 to 1975 divided into four episodes that preceded his artistic career. Schnee von gestern / Snows of Yesteryear oscillates between image history, frieze of time, archival material, and space-spanning sculpture.

The book contains early texts by Mucha, published for the first time, which impressively document the artist's approach to the world. Included in parallel are three quotations by Philipp Otto Runge about art.

The artist book is published in a limited edition.


Reinhard Mucha
Urlaub im All / Holiday in Space
Edited by Sprüth Magers in cooperation with Galerie Bärbel Grässlin, Luhring Augustine, Lia Rumma Gallery
Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König, Cologne, March 23, 2023

Urlaub im All / Holiday in Space is an artist book which can be considered as Reinhard Mucha’s personal oeuvre catalogue. It comprises two volumes in a slipcase and is based on Reinhard Mucha's so-called portfolio books that he created for himself over the years, relating his photographically documented works to one another both formally and aesthetically. Nearly 800 reproductions as well as detailed image and work information provide unprecedented, comprehensive insight into both his work and understanding of sculpture. Also published for the first time are 19 letters and texts by Mucha further elucidating his artistic thinking.


Senga Nengudi
Dia Beacon, New York
Through early 2025

Dia Art Foundation will present a long-term exhibition of work by Senga Nengudi, which will open at Dia Beacon on February 17, 2023. Sculptures and room-sized installations made between 1969 and 2020, including recent acquisitions for Dia’s permanent collection, will be on display. This long-term exhibition of Nengudi’s work will be accompanied by a performance program and publication, revealing the multiplicity of her practice.


Pamela Rosenkranz
Old Tree
High Line, New York
Through September 2024

Sprüth Magers congratulates Pamela Rosenkranz whose monumental sculpture Old Tree was selected for the third High Line Plinth commission in New York, to be unveiled in spring of 2023. The bright red and pink imaginary tree animates a myriad of historical archetypes wherein the tree of life connects heaven and earth while also closely resembling the complex networks of the human circulatory system. Located on the High Line—an urban park built on a relic of industry—and selected from among over 80 international proposals by artists from 40 countries, Old Tree raises questions about the real while simultaneously highlighting a breakdown of the boundary between nature and artifice.


Ed Ruscha
The Museum of Modern Art – MoMA, New York
Through January 13, 2024

“I don’t have any Seine River like Monet,” Ed Ruscha once said. “I’ve just got US 66 between Oklahoma and Los Angeles.” ED RUSCHA / NOW THEN will feature over 250 objects—including paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, artist’s books, films, and installations—that make use of everything from gunpowder to chocolate. Exploring Ruscha’s landmark contributions to postwar American art as well as lesser-known aspects of his six-decade career, the exhibition will offer new perspectives on a body of work that has influenced generations of artists, architects, designers, and writers.


Cindy Sherman
Deichtorhallen Hamburg – Sammlung Falckenberg, Hamburg
Through March 3, 2024

For almost 50 years, the American artist Cindy Sherman has been making fashion and its depiction a theme of her work. Her interest in the fashion world shows a subversive attitude toward what it represents. Through humor and staging, her pictures become parodies of fashion photography: they show figures that are anything but desirable and thus contradict all conventions of haute couture and the usual ideas of beauty.


The Assault of the Present to the Rest of Time
Group Exhibition
Brücke Museum & Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin
Through January 7, 2024

The exhibition The Assault of the Present on the Rest of Time. Artistic Testimonies of War and Repression presents historical and contemporary positions that address state violence and oppression. The focus is on the aspect of testimony. Works from the 1930s and 1940s by Maria Luiko, Johanna Schütz-Wolff, and Felix Nussbaum, among others, enter into a dialogue with works by artists such as Nora Turato, Simone Fattal, Dana Kavelina, and Lawrence Abu Hamdan. The project is a cooperation between the Brücke-Museum and the Schinkel Pavillon.

With works by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Etel Adnan, Dora Bromberger, Leo Breuer, Isaac Chong Wai, Simone Fattal, Forensic Architecture, Parastou Forouhar, Lea Grundig, Erich Heckel, Hannah Höch, Eric Isenburger, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Käthe Kollwitz, Elfriede Lohse-Wächtler, Maria Luiko, Otto Mueller, Felix Nussbaum, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Johanna Schütz-Wolff, Sung Tieu, Nora Turato and Oscar Zügel.


John Waters
John Waters: Pope of Trash
Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, Los Angeles
Through August 4, 2024

John Waters: Pope of Trash is the first comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the artist’s contributions to cinema. The exhibition delves into his filmmaking process, key themes, and unmatched style. Works on view include costumes, props, handwritten scripts, correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, film clips, and more, revealing the nuances of independent filmmaking and the ways in which Waters’s movies have redefined the possibilities of independent cinema.


Jenny Holzer
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation, New York
May 17–September 29, 2024

This exhibition will present a reimagination of Jenny Holzer’s landmark 1989 installation at the Guggenheim. Climbing all six ramps of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed rotunda to the building’s apex, the new manifestation of Holzer’s electronic sign extends and builds upon the artist’s vision from thirty-five years earlier. The site-specific work will transform the building with a display of scrolling texts from her earliest series of truisms and aphorisms to more recent experiments with language generated by artificial intelligence. Holzer’s iconic use of the written word throughout her career has long captivated audiences around the world and this solo exhibition will feature little known examples of Holzer’s work spanning her career from the 1980s through today.


Anne Imhof
Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz
June 8–September 1, 2024

Anne Imhof is one of the most important contemporary artists of our time. Her signature artistic expression is rooted in performance pieces, where casts of androgynous figures navigate the space with a captivating blend of impassive poise and elaborate choreography within an immersive audio-visual experience. This dynamic interplay, underscored by the inclusion of ubiquitous and iconic elements of fashion, photography, and an amalgamation of subculture and popular culture, creates an atmosphere reminiscent of post-apocalyptic isolation.

Within the austere confines of Kunsthaus Bregenz, Anne Imhof ushers in a compelling transformation. In this enigmatic creation, a paradox unfolds, taking the shape of both a barricade and a proscenium. For the KUB exhibition, Imhof will focus on painting and sculpture, which form the crux of her artistic practice, mirroring the fluid evolution of her performative works. The human figure now assumes an allegorical presence, offering a heightened sense of Imhof’s trademark exploration of the human condition.


Barbara Kruger
Serpentine, London
February 1–March 17, 2024

THINKING OF YOU. I MEAN ME. I MEAN YOU. at Serpentine South is Kruger’s first solo institutional show in London in over twenty years. It features a unique selection of installations alongside moving image works and multiple soundscapes. The exhibition is the UK premiere of Untitled (No Comment) (2020). This immersive three-channel video installation explores contemporary modes of creating and consuming content online. In the work, Kruger combines text, audio clips, and a barrage of found images and memes, ranging from blurred-out selfies to animated photos of cats.


Otto Piene
Paths to Paradise
Museum Tinguely, Basel
February 7–May 12, 2024

Otto Piene (1928−2014) aimed high with his art: to shape a more harmonious, peaceful, and sustainable world. His expansive view explored new media and projected aesthetic forms and experiences into new spatial realms.

Structured thematically, the monographic exhibition Otto Piene: Paths to Paradise traces his utopian vision as expressed in works from his most significant series and projects in conversation with his lifelong practice of sketching. Together these works reveal Piene’s use of sketching and drawing in both narrow and broad, literal and figurative senses, and provide an expanded definition in connection to a visionary practice that embraced the application of new technology.

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