Senga Nengudi
Nasher Prize for Sculpture 2023
Nasher Sculpture Center
April 2023

Sprüth Magers congratulates Senga Nengudi on winning the Nasher Prize for Sculpture 2023. Since its inception in 2015, the Nasher Prize has been awarded to artists whose oeuvre has had an extraordinary impact on our understanding of sculpture. The award ceremony will take place in April, 2023.

Over more than five decades, Nengudi has developed a practice that encompasses poetic, enigmatic objects and installations as well as performances, films, and photographs exploring the interactions of performers with and amid her three-dimensional works. Despite a long and rich career over more than five decades, she has only come to wider attention more recently, and her achievements find powerful reverberations in contemporary art.


Pamela Rosenkranz
Old Tree
High Line, New York
April 2023

Sprüth Magers congratulates Pamela Rosenkranz whose monumental sculpture Old Tree was selected for the third High Line Plinth commission in New York, to be unveiled in spring of 2023. The bright red and pink imaginary tree animates a myriad of historical archetypes wherein the tree of life connects heaven and earth while also closely resembling the complex networks of the human circulatory system. Located on the High Line—an urban park built on a relic of industry—and selected from among over 80 international proposals by artists from 40 countries, Old Tree raises questions about the real while simultaneously highlighting a breakdown of the boundary between nature and artifice.


Bernd & Hilla Becher
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – SFMoMA
Through April 2, 2023

The renowned German artists Bernd and Hilla Becher (1931–2007; 1934–2015) changed the course of late twentieth-century photography. Working as a rare artist couple, they focused on a single subject: the disappearing industrial architecture of Western Europe and North America that fueled the modern era. Their seemingly objective style recalled nineteenth- and early twentieth-century precedents but also resonated with the serial approach of contemporary Minimalism and Conceptual art. Equally significant, it challenged the perceived gap between documentary and fine art photography.


Cao Fei
Asia One
Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
Through February 19, 2023

This fall, Kunsthal Charlottenborg presents a solo exhibition featuring the critically acclaimed Chinese artist Cao Fei. She is particularly known for her ambitious film installations, which combine social commentary and popular aesthetics as the basis for reflecting on the extensive developments taking place in Chinese society today.


Sylvie Fleury
Double Positive
Bechtler Stiftung, Uster, Switzerland
Through April 2, 2023

Sylvie Fleury created her site-specific exhibition in response to the setting of the newly opened building of the Bechtler Stiftung, where The 2000 Sculpture by Walter de Maria is on permanent display. It is a site of contemplation, which is currently confronted with a provocative and unsettling encounter: Fleury’s installation of numerous garment racks containing her entire wardrobe of the past three decades.

Site specific Installation

Barbara Kruger
ART WALL 13 – Barbara Kruger
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
Through January 21, 2024

For more than 40 years, Barbara Kruger has been a consistent, critical observer of contemporary culture. In the early 1980s, Kruger perfected a signature style of words and images extracted from mass media and recomposed into memorable, graphic artworks. Rigorously composed, her works have occupied a range of media and spaces, including walls, billboards, video projections, and an array of consumer products. Since the 1990s, Kruger has also created large-scale installations of her text-based art, transforming lobbies, elevators, and buildings with her signature aesthetic and pointed content. Continuing in this vein, Kruger will create a brand-new work for the ICA that speaks, as her work has done for more than four decades, to contemporary social and political dynamics.


Der Mucha – Ein Anfangsverdacht
K20/K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Dusseldorf
Through January 22, 2023

Extended until May 7, 2023 at K20

Reinhard Mucha’s work, in terms of its redefinition of sculpture, photography and installation, is considered to be one of the most important positions in contemporary art. The exhibition Der Mucha – Ein Anfangsverdacht (Der Mucha – An Initial Suspicion) – which will be on view at Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen's two locations K20 and K21 – combines installations by Mucha that have not been seen for many years, featuring works from each one of his creative phases and thus creating a panorama that spans over forty years of the artist’s work.


Jon Rafman
Minor Daemon
180 The Strand, London
February 2–March 25, 2023

180 Studios presents the UK premiere of Minor Daemon (2021), a new film by Canadian artist and filmmaker Jon Rafman. Rafman’s feature film presents a computer-generated fever-dream universe, drawing on the landscapes of online worlds to examine interrelationship of technology and social consciousness. Set in a surreal dystopia, Minor Daemon, Vol. 1 tells the story of two young men who share an extraordinary gift for virtual reality gaming that could secure their freedom as they journey through a Hieronymus Bosch-like hellscape. Continuing where Rafman’s Dream Journal (2016-19) left off, the new film harnesses consumer animation technology to raise aesthetic questions about computer-generated moving image, projecting the anxieties of 21st century techno-society into 3D animation.


Andreas Schulze
On Stage
Kunsthalle Nürnberg, Germany
Through February 12, 2023

Amorphous tubes, bulging objects, points of light, foggy surfaces and wavy objects form surreal landscapes and interiors in Andreas Schulze's pictorial world.

Schulze's paintings are not limited to the two-dimensionality of a flat image. Since the mid-1980s, his painting practice has been voluminous, expansive, even reaching into the third dimension. Painterly-plastic environments are created that test the possibilities of the medium; wall painting, spatial painting, picture in space and space in space. Schulze's work encompasses a complex interplay of paintings, wall and floor work, furniture and objects—all of which result in peculiar, surreal living environments—creating a pictorial microcosm that combines subtle humor with the abyss.

The exhibition will travel to The Perimeter, London
March 17–July 1, 2023


Rosemarie Trockel
MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main
Through June 18, 2023

The brutality and absurdity of normative regimes emerge openly in the work of Rosemarie Trockel. Definitions, restrictions, paternalism, and violence due to gender become visible and transparent. Her advance is a risky, courageous, combative, and humorous one. In all media—drawing and painting, photography, sculpture, installation, and film—Trockel’s sociological gaze is as much directed at social regimes and political structures as it is at nature. Her observations and studies of processionary caterpillars, starlings, chickens, or lice, while scientifically sound and precise, always include her own critical gaze as a vital component. She appropriates the ambivalences in her work, capturing them decidedly.

The comprehensive exhibition displays works from all periods of Rosemarie Trockel’s oeuvre, from the 1970s to the new works created especially for the museum.


Marcel van Eeden
Drawing Rooms: Marcel van Eeden / Karl Hubbuch
Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe
Through April 16, 2023

For the exhibition Drawing Rooms, past and present enter into dialogue with each other. Marcel van Eeden (*1965) and Karl Hubbuch (1891–1979) the Dutch contemporary artist and the German graphic artist of the Weimar Republic—meet in the medium of drawing. Around 100 years separate the artists, who were both appointed as professors at the Karlsruhe Art Academy. The exhibition is based on the extensive collection of hand drawings and prints by Karl Hubbuch, whose estate was donated to the museum in 2020.


Marcel van Eeden
De Gasfabriek: Van Gogh x Van Eeden
Mesdag Collection, Den Haag
Through March 12, 2023

Artist Marcel van Eeden is a great admirer of Vincent van Gogh. For this presentation, he takes only one work by Van Gogh as the starting point for his charcoal drawings: the drawing Gasworks, created in The Hague in March 1882. Van Gogh’s drawing is a logical choice for Van Eeden: his native The Hague plays an important role in his work. His apartment is also close to the original location of the now demolished gas factory.


Andrea Zittel
Personal Patterns
Kunstmuseen Krefeld, Haus Lange Haus Esters
Through February 26, 2023

For her first institutional solo exhibition in Germany in twenty years, the American artist Andrea Zittel will expand her Planar Panels installation in the garden house of Haus Esters (2019) to include the iconic Villa Esters by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The exhibition explores her artistic research into everyday life.


George Condo
Entrance to the Mind: Drawings by George Condo in the Morgan Library & Museum
The Morgan Library & Museum, New York
February 24–May 14, 2023

Drawing, or 'visual thinking' as he calls it, is central to George Condo’s practice, which centers around the figure. Ranging from early drawings made when he was a teenager to recent explorations into what he calls 'psychological Cubism,' Entrance to the Mind will highlight Condo's brilliant draftsmanship through a cast of characters in turn comic, monstrous, tragic, and endearing.


Thomas Demand
Thomas Demand: The Stutter of History
Jeu de Paume, Paris
February 14–May 28, 2023

Bringing together over 80 photographs, films and wallpapers that span the arc of his career, The Stutter of History, curated by Douglas Fogle for the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography provides both an overview of Thomas Demand’s way of seeing the world as well as a lesson in how we might approach the onslaught of historical events that we consume through the world of images. This is the second iteration of the exhibition following its debut at UCCA, Edge, Shanghai, July–September, 2022.


Jenny Holzer
Stiftung Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Dusseldorf
March 10–August 6, 2023

Starting March 11, 2023, the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen will present a sweeping exhibition of the internationally celebrated American artist Jenny Holzer (*1950). Since the 1970s, Holzer has been renowned for her thought-provoking use of text in various media and her pioneering adaptation of new technologies.

Holzer’s Düsseldorf exhibition, spanning K21’s Bel Etage and temporary exhibition galleries, will range from posters to paintings and stone-works, touching on subjects such as war, absurdity, and populism. In keeping with Holzer’s deeply democratic approach and artistic practice, her works challenge viewers to grapple with conflicting perspectives and find their own empathic, open minded positions in complex debates. This makes the exhibition a public forum for discussions of current global challenges.


David Maljković
In the Pictorial Code
Quetzal Art Center
February 18–August 31, 2023

Quetzal Art Center proudly presents a solo exhibition by David Maljković titled In the Pictorial Code. At the core of Maljković’s practice is a regimented exploration of formalist concerns. Whilst narrative is the driving element at the origin of a project, the artist’s varied means of visual implementation consistently and profoundly modifies and compromises its supremacy, whether that is through photography, video, sculpture, installation, collage or painting. In the Pictorial Code presents recent works that play with the idea of painting as a guardian of time and the painter’s position as its witness. The exhibition establishes a marking system that embodies the image’s position within the author’s practice, and also tracks its displacement into other media.


Bridget Riley
Bridget Riley Drawings: From the Artist’s Studio
Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
February 4–May 28, 2023

This exhibition, co-organized by the Hammer Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Morgan Library & Museum presents approximately ninety sheets and covers the full range of Riley’s career from her student days in the late 1940s, when she dedicated herself exclusively to drawing courses at Goldsmiths College in London, through her groundbreaking black-and-white optical works of the early 1960s, to the innovative color studies she has undertaken from the late 1960s to the present day.


Cindy Sherman
ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, Denmark
February 4–June 5, 2023

Few artists have defined the era of post modernity more than Cindy Sherman. She is renowned for her photographic series, produced over many years, in which she transforms herself as characters. In 2017 a new series emerged on-line. Sherman started posting ‘selfies’. These startling images, commenting on the phenomenon of face altering apps/applications, have been given a new grandeur and permanent status using the fine and revered craft of tapestry, shown in Europe for the first time since their exhibition at Sprüth Magers, Los Angeles in Spring of 2021.


Cindy Sherman
Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
April 21–September 10, 2023

For almost 50 years, the American artist Cindy Sherman has been making fashion and its depiction a theme of her work. Her interest in the fashion world shows a subversive attitude toward what it represents. Through humor and staging, her pictures become parodies of fashion photography: they show figures that are anything but desirable and thus contradict all conventions of haute couture and the usual ideas of beauty.

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