Gary Hume
October 6–December 23, 2020

Archipelago will feature a new series of large-scale, gloss-on-aluminum paintings built up with from interwoven lines and swathes of uninterrupted color. In some works, the almost uniform color of the picture plane is punctuated by cells or sections of contrasting hues. Hume often stretches his imagery to the point of abstraction, and the paintings in Archipelago have a haunting, ambiguous presence, without an obvious referent. Although the subject matter of the drawings and the paintings isn’t immediately clear, together the body of work represents Hume’s response to the humanitarian crises of the present day.

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Andreas Schulze

Andreas Schulze
15 October–22 November, 2020

An online exhibition that offers a survey of Andreas Schulze’s oeuvre, accompanied by a substantial essay by Jörg Heiser, acclaimed writer and professor of Fine Arts of the University of the Arts in Berlin.

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John Baldessari
The Space Between
Fall 2020
Los Angeles

The exhibition presents John Baldessari’s final series of thirty paintings, The Space Between (2019), that demonstrate the artist’s characteristic combining of text and image. Through spatial overlays and excisions, the works at once deflect and direct our attention, while also betraying the processes by which we encode and decode the world around us. Simultaneously banal, surprising, and poignant, Baldessari’s last works beautifully encapsulate the thrust of his artistic project as a whole: To explore the amorphous spaces between things, people and ideas.

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