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Cao Fei
October 8–December 22, 2021
Los Angeles

Sprüth Magers, Los Angeles is pleased to present a solo exhibition of work by Cao Fei that highlights the artist’s recent projects, presenting several of them in Los Angeles for the first time. Films and photographs from her feature-length films Nova (2019) and Asia One (2018), as well as photographs related to previous groundbreaking projects such as Haze and Fog (2013) and La Town (2014), will transform the Los Angeles gallery, transporting visitors through the artist’s reflections on the rapid urbanization of her native China in the wake of mass cultural, social and technological upheavals.

Thomas Scheibitz – Black Swan – London
Pamela Rosenkranz – Healer – London

Pamela Rosenkranz
October 8–November 20, 2021

At her first solo exhibition at Sprüth Magers, London, Pamela Rosenkranz shows sensory and atmospheric works in which light, sound and color play an essential role. On the main floor, visible from outside through the large window front, as if in a terrarium, lives a robotic snake covered with kirigami scales. Shimmering paintings on mirrors and aluminum, painted with semi-transparent pale pink paint, reflect the green light projected from the ceiling. Flickering LED spotlights illuminate seemingly ephemeral objects resting on transparent pedestals. Materiality and message merge. In her oeuvre, Rosenkranz questions the certainties of authentic human experience, perceiving people as permeable membranes at the interface between nature and artificiality. Drawing on themes that we encounter in our everyday, visually overcharged lives, Rosenkranz creates links that allow us to make unexpected connections between objects and ideas, while at the same time unsettling us.

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Nancy Holt
Fall 2021

Sprüth Magers is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition by Nancy Holt at the Berlin gallery, featuring her iconic installation, Mirrors of Light I (1973–74). Throughout her practice, Holt was interested in the use of light as a medium, while simultaneously examining it as subject matter in its own right. In this installation, light is a conceptual entity and a physical reality, a practical resource and an aesthetic object. As is the case with the majority of Holt’s oeuvre, ​Mirrors of Light I creates an opportunity for self-examination through the perceptions that arise in the face of her work.