Upcoming Exhibitions

Go Figure WordPress announcement

May 19–May 26, 2021

GO FIGURE!? is an online exhibition in collaboration with Ed Tang and Jonathan Cheung. It presents works by artists from Sprüth Mager’s roster alongside a selection of emerging artists from around the globe and across various media, aiming to welcome a playful dialogue between the exhibiting artists and works.

Fischli London WordPress Annoucement

Peter Fischli
June 3–July 31, 2021

Sprüth Magers is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition by Peter Fischli, coinciding with London Gallery Weekend. Spanning various mediums such as sculpture and photography, the show presents new pieces of his series Cans, Collages and Reliefs (Monkeys), alongside recent works which have been on view at Kunsthaus Bregenz in 2020.

John Baldessari – The Space Between – Los Angeles

John Baldessari
The Space Between
June 2021
Los Angeles

The exhibition presents John Baldessari’s final series of thirty paintings, The Space Between (2019), that demonstrate the artist’s characteristic combining of text and image. Through spatial overlays and excisions, the works at once deflect and direct our attention, while also betraying the processes by which we encode and decode the world around us. Simultaneously banal, surprising and poignant, Baldessari’s last works beautifully encapsulate the thrust of his artistic project as a whole: to explore the amorphous spaces between things, people and ideas.

Holt LA WordPress Announcement

Nancy Holt
Fall 2021 
Los Angeles

Sprüth Magers is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition by Nancy Holt at the Los Angeles gallery, presenting a journey through three decades of Holt’s influential artistic practice. A pioneer of site-specific installation and the moving image, Holt was a member of the earth, land and conceptual art movements. Her extensive artistic output spanned concrete poetry, audio, film, video, photography, slideworks, ephemeral gestures, drawings, room-sized installations, earthworks, books and public sculpture commissions. 

Holt Berlin WordPress announcement

Nancy Holt
Fall 2021

Sprüth Magers is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition by Nancy Holt at the Berlin gallery, featuring her iconic installation, Mirrors of Light I (1973–74). Throughout her practice, Holt was interested in the use of light as a medium, while simultaneously examining it as subject matter in its own right. In this installation, light is a conceptual entity and a physical reality, a practical resource and an aesthetic object. As is the case with the majority of Holt’s oeuvre, ​Mirrors of Light I creates an opportunity for self-examination through the perceptions that arise in the face of her work.