Upcoming Exhibitions

Baldessari NY announcement

John Baldessari
The Story Underneath
September 9–October 29, 2022
New York

Sprüth Magers is pleased to announce the inaugural exhibition at its New York space, a presentation of roughly sixty of John Baldessari’s maquettes dating from the early 1980s to the 2000s, curated by Nana Bahlmann. Created as preparatory works and sketches for his celebrated large-scale pieces, these dynamic works on paper contain and reveal the artist’s original source materials from his vast image archive, from which he freely extracted, combined and thus re-contextualized elements to create his works. Together, the maquettes grant extraordinary insight into Baldessari’s inspiring way of seeing and distinct image-making process.

Jon Rafman – Counterfeit Poast – Berlin

Jon Rafman
Counterfeit Poast
September 15–October 29, 2022

In his new solo exhibition at Sprüth Magers, Berlin, Jon Rafman presents an immersive space with recent works which explore themes of nostalgia, youth, false memory, and the fragmentation of the individual. He harnesses the creative potential of machine learning and continues his long-standing practice of using the latest technology to bring its subterranean implications to the surface.

Imhof announcement London

Anne Imhof
Avatar II
September 23–December 23, 2022

Sprüth Magers is delighted to announce a solo exhibition of new works by Anne Imhof in London—the first show to span all four of the gallery’s floors. Continuing and expanding upon the narrative arc of Imhof’s recent exhibitions, the works on view range from large-scale aluminum panels, drawings and paintings to film and sound works that interweave notions of reality and artifice, presence and absence, exposure and concealment. Architectural elements are installed throughout the gallery, blurring the boundaries between found object and art and creating a multilayered experience as visitors encounter and move through Imhof’s abundant spaces.

Nancy Holt – Locating Perception – Los Angeles